Creating a Digital Communications Strategy

One of the most important marketing strategies to have is a theme and a story that communicates your brand or service creatively and efficiently across all marketing channels including your website, social media accounts, and marketing materials. Starting from scratch or rebranding your online identity can seem overwhelming but once you have a clear vision, the task becomes a liberating opportunity. My goal is to not only help you find that vision but to leave you educated and empowered to build on that vision.


We will have a conversation to find out what your needs are and begin the process of bouncing around initial thoughts and processes.

We’ll get together to walk through the details of your project to determine how to best achieve your goal. I’ll want you to tell me as much as you can about your story. This includes getting to know you, your brand or business and what media assets you currently have. From here I will be able to plan, organize and direct a highly visible communication strategy.

Develop a creative and dynamic digital communications strategy based on your primary and secondary channels including a creative direction for any missing branding assets and supplemental media. By this stage we will have achieved a clearly defined vision of the overall completed project as well as a workflow and timeline for achieving your goal.

Depending on the scope of the final project, I can either assist in helping you organize and/or oversee a production team to implement your digital communication strategy or personally handle the execution of the production. In some cases, you may wish to have internal teams carry out the work. Either way, you will have a clear understanding of the next steps.

The key to creating impact is a good story. It affects every aspect of communication. A good story is how comedians make you laugh, how someone reads your website, how speeches are perceived, how exhibits are absorbed, and how marketing campaigns influence our culture and consumer trends. Storytelling is at the heart of how we communicate, verbally, non-verbally and visually.


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Jessica Waters
Digital Communications Consultant + Multimedia Producer

Jessica Waters
Digital Communications Consultant +
Multimedia Producer