What is GEOguides?

The GEOguides project was created in an effort to meet the needs of the digital traveler by providing users access to responsible travel options around the world.

The founders started this journey with a desire to change the way people travel the globe. With this vision, we’ve developed a website and mobile application concept that has the potential to connect travelers with responsible businesses and outdoor activities like never before. Users will be able to find sustainable restaurants and hotels, dive spots and bike trails, anywhere in the world. GEOguides can not only guide users down a more responsible path but entertain and educate them as well.

Tourism is a monumental industry that can fuel or alleviate many of the environmental problems that exist today. We are convinced that informed travelers can be stewards for our environment and our communities. And we’re not alone in thinking this way as there are businesses and individuals who want to be apart of the solution and see GEOguides as a path towards that. We have spoken with scientists, teachers, professional musicians, business owners, environmentalists, moms and dads that want this tool right now and could have used it yesterday.

The potential for success is great and we’ve got the business plan, management team and marketing edge to prove it. The wonderful thing is with this momentum, this concept, and the right investor, we can get started tomorrow.

GEOguides is newly established California Benefit Corporation. If you are interested in communicating with us about investment opportunities, we would love to hear from you!  For all investment inquiries, please email us at

GEOguides // Let Your Planet Be Your Guide